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ALFA-STAR offers high-quality stainless steel at competitive prices. In our assortment:

  • circles calibrated of steel AISI 304 ( 08X18N10 ), AISI 316 ( 03X17N14M2 ) according to ISO, H9 qualification. They are used as a high-precision workpiece for the manufacture of various parts. The correct geometric shape, exact dimensions, ideal surface allow you to do without sharpening the workpiece, which reduces the complexity and cost of manufacturing the product;
  • steel stripes. Production Material - AISI 304, AISI 316. They are used as workpieces for further processing, as well as structural and finishing material;
  • corners - shaped rolled rolled G-shaped section with equal or different bandwidth. A common structural material in construction is used as a workpiece in mechanical engineering, radio and electrical engineering, as decorative material in architecture and design. Made of steel strip AISI 304 ( 08X18N10 ), AISI 316 ( 03X17N14M2 ) cold bending ( stamped ) or rolled ( hot roll;
  • hot-rolled sheets AISI 304 ( 08X18N10 ), AISI 321 ( 12X18N10T ), cold-rolled AISI 304 ( 08X18N10 ). Hot-rolled sheet is used as structural material in construction, it is used in the production of electric welded pipes, bent profiles, car bodies, truck bodies, etc. A cold-rolled sheet is obtained from hot-rolled with its additional processing ( point deformation and subsequent heat treatment ). The product has improved characteristics of plasticity, weldability and strength on the scrap, smooth quality surface. A cold-rolled sheet is used in the automotive industry, instrument making, and the production of household items.

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